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The pig wing challenge!

Eat 5 pounds of Pig Wings and 3 pounds of Corn Nuggets in 1 hour!

Winners will receive a Starsky's Bar & Grill T-Shirt, AND your Pig Wing Dinner is FREE! Otherwise, this Fantastic Feast

is $72.95


Many opt to Share this Feast with a group!

Ready to party with our positive posse of Pig Wing Power-Pickers, pork out and

polish off pounds of Pig Wings? Or, get pleasure from paying heed to those who will!

You've never tried Starsky's Pig Wings?

Are you up for the famous Pig Wing Challenge? Come on down to Starsky's Bar & Grill and show us what you've got!  Call for info:



"Very tasty and tender!

Good BBQ sauce!"

--Randy Santel,

of Atlas & Zeus Promotions


Pig wing challenge meets the media!

Pig Wings are made of smoked pork on a mini bone, and they come slathered in whichever sauce suits you best: Mild, Teriyaki, BBQ, Hot, Extreme Heat, Sparky's Sauce, or Sweet Asian Chili Sauce. Generally, an order includes 3 Large Pig Wings with a side of our famous Corn Nuggets, for $12.95, add ad extra Pig Wings at $3.00

Dig the pig

Beef art.1. with adam PIG WINGS 1 bred wings




*  Hot Buffalo  * Mild   *  BBQ  *  

*  Spicy BBQ  *  Sweet Asian Chili  *

*  Sparkys  *  Teriyaki  *  

*  Carribean Jerk  *  Garlic Parmesan  *  *  Extreme Hot  *